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Learn How Safe Waterbirth Can Help Mothers Have a Natural Childbirth

Many pregnant women who desire natural childbirth consider safe waterbirth to welcome their baby to the world. In a water birth, women experience labor and delivery of the baby in a tub of warm water, usually at home or in birth centers with the assistance of midwives.

According to women who have had natural childbirth in water, they felt more comfortable and relaxed during contractions/surges while being submerged in warm water rather than being on a bed. However, this doesn’t mean that this type of childbirth is not intense too. It’s just natural — without the use of medication or epidurals. Besides, it should be under the supervision of experienced birth workers such as midwives and nurses. But it is generally safer, more comfortable and is lovely for the women giving birth.



Here are some of the benefits of safe water birth that you should know:

Less Discomfort During Labor

Many moms claim that natural childbirth in water reduces the intensity of labor and delivery — confirming that the buoyancy of water and the warmth is so helpful. But there’s more than meets the eye: when women goes deep into the tub of warm water, they experience a change in the chemical and hormonal response to the level of Oxytocin, a hormone that regulates contractions/surges. So, as more Oxytocin gets released, more relieving endorphins are released, alleviating a lot of the intensity for the mother.

Shortened duration of labor

According to research, submerging in water during the labor process on and off may also reduce the duration of the labor.

No C-section – (such a benign phrase for major abdominal surgery)

A Cesarean delivery (C-section) is the last option that any mother would want, unless medically necessary as it can have more risks than natural birth. Since it is major abdominal surgery, that puts both mother and the baby under heavy medications, the recovery period for mothers is longer than those with natural birth. There is always a risk of infection, and moms need to rely on medication for months for a full recovery. However, with a safe waterbirth, there is no C-section, (as long as mother and baby remain medically safe,) which means a speedy recovery and higher birth satisfaction. Mother and baby bonding is better, breast feeding is easier and recovery is shorter with natural birth. Waterbirth is the choice of most but not always. The choice of venue is important for less interventions and more freedom of movement, eating, drinking, and mostly allowing baby to come when ready.

If you are a mom-to-be and considering a water birth, feel free to get in touch with us and let us guide you through.


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