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Who we are, big picture.

We are so proud to offer a beautiful Holistic Pregnancy & Birth Center that provides personal, nurturing care throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond. We care for women through the ages. HSPBC offers an out-of-hospital experience, in a new, beautiful space with dim lights and water. Professional monitoring and is the first and only birth center located directly across from a hospital for safety and medical care if needed.  We offer midwifery care and women’s wellness services for women during pregnancy .

At HSPBC, you can eat, drink, move, walk, and choose to birth in water, using water to relax, and use our exclusive “Gravity Birth™”.

No unnecessary interventions, lots of patience, compassion and love!  Call for a meet and greet and/or appointment with one of our midwives to start your holistic care. Most insurances are accepted.



Facility Details

What makes our center special.

  • Selection: Choose between our Goddess Suite and our Zen Suite, each beautifully prepared for your birth. At HSPBC, you can eat, drink, move, walk, and choose to birth in water, using water to relax, and use our exclusive “Gravity Birth™“ method.
  • Home-like setting: Feel comfortable in our cozy rooms equipped for ultimate relaxation, giving you all the perks of being at home.
  • Privacy: Our facility has a two-family maximum. You will enjoy the center with only your family during your birth. On the rare occasion that another mom goes into labor at the same time, we have separate suites that give both parties complete privacy.
  • Strategic location: We are located directly across from a hospital in case medical emergency care is necessary. Regardless of necessity, knowing the emergency room is only a two-minute walk away is reassuring. No car ride is needed.
  • Comfortable experience: Mother stays with baby at the center for hours, bonding and breastfeeding, has a signature meal, cleans up and relaxes. Her family has a cozy waiting area nearby with entertainment, coffee, tea, and water available.
  • Reliable: HSPBC meets all local, state and federal health, fire and safety regulations and is licensed by the state Department of Health. We have been providing our method for close to ten years!
The Area

The Area

The practical aspects of our location.

HSPBC is close to many great locations for a quick trip for food and snacks. There are parks where walking is encouraged during early labor. We have a parking lot all around the building so that you can easily find parking for all your checkups and ultimately the big day!

Our designated hospital OB-GYN and Medical Director, are on call during your birth to provide any medical consults and care.

HSPBC is the first and only birth center located directly across from a hospital (Jackson Memorial South) for safety and medical care if needed. Our doctors and midwives collaborate and continue to care for the mother and baby as private patients, not “walk-ins.”

Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center

9275 SW 152nd St. 1st Floor
Miami, FL 33157, USA

Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center

If you have any questions or would like more information about our services, please contact us for a free meet & greet.

Open 24/7 for births!

Office Hours

Mon-Wed 8:30 am - 4:30 pm
Thurs 8:30 am - 7:00 pm
Fri 8:30 am - 2:00 pm

Location: 9275 SW 152nd Street, 1st floor
Miami, FL 33157

Phone: 305-238-7873

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