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Dear Debra!! Our baby Teo is born! I was in labor for a bit more than 30 hours. It was intense, sometimes I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it, but we did!!!! Surges started on Monday, Dec. 29th at 11 pm and baby Teo was born today at 5.30 am Dec. 30th, 2014! I’m...

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Suzanne Arms

"If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness replace fear and hatred, we must begin with how we treat each other at the beginning of life. For that is where out deepest patterns are set. From these roots grow fear and alienation, or love and...

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Very in tuned with my needs

My birthing experience was amazing! My midwife and doula were very intuned with my needs. I was able to labor in any position I wanted, went from tub to toilet to birth stool to bed. I never felt like I needed any drugs. Debra helped guide my breathing, our nurse...

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Denise Fernandez

Only about an hour after arriving our baby was with us,in my arms! I was able to labor medication free and it was the most powerful experience of my life. Thank you Debra for the education, teachings and Doula Love!

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Having a doula, and specifically, Debra, for me was the best decision I could have made. She helped me navigate through difficult decisions during my labor but ultimately respected the choices I made and helped me feel at peace with them.

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Natasha Yazici, Volcan and Derin Efe Yazici

Having Debra as our Doula during the birth of my son was so important in achieving the birthing experience I was dreaming of. After taking the HypnoBirthing® course with Debra and asking her to be our Doula, she kept communicating with me to make sure that everything...

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Blanca, Alex, Alvin and Ariana Acosta

Hello My Favorite Doula!! I want to thank you for making the entire birth process for me so much more memorable. You should be called an angel rather than a doula! I put all of my trust and more importantly “faith” in you and I am sooooo happy to have done so. From...

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