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Positive Experience

The service that you receive at HSPBC is perhaps the most necessary one for humankind. The education, support and love provided by the entire team were top-notch! The facility is clean, the office staff is efficient, and our birth experience was exhilarating yet...

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Calmed My Nerves

I cannot say enough good things about my first visit to your Center. This being my first pregnancy I was worried and nervous about finding the right care but as soon as I walked through the door you calmed my nerves and made the experience an easy one. Thank you HSPBC!

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First-time Mom

If you're looking for positive and supportive prenatal care and birthing experience, Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center is the absolute best option. During prenatal appointments, I never felt rushed and as a first-time mom always felt comfortable asking...

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Prenatal and Birth Care

An incredible and supportive place for prenatal and birth care. I was surrounded at all times with love and was encouraged to follow what I wanted out of my birth. Instead of being a scary experience as most describe it, it was enlightening, empowering and made me...

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Our experience at HSPBC was amazing!

Our experience at HSPBC was amazing! I would not have changed a single thing! My midwife was amazing and helped me so much. Our doula was a godsend. I love the fact of everything being about the comfortability of me and my partner. Debra was so helpful during my...

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Friendly and professional

I would do my next 1000 births at this Birth Center because of how happy I am with my first experience here.  Everything is always clean, everyone is friendly and professional, and most important is the personal staff. I loved the tub and am so grateful to have been...

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In good hands

On July 31, my little sunshine was ready to come into this world. I called my midwife to let her know my water was released and a few hours later I felt it was time to go to the Center. Thirty minutes later I was there and everyone began arriving.  I felt comfortable...

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The magic and natural aspect of birth

For me, I chose HSPBC because it seemed the opposite of that in a hospital/medical environment that was missing the magic and natural aspect of birth. Everything went just as I wanted thanks to my wonderful team of birth workers. They made me feel safe and helped me...

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Everyone at HSPBC is very friendly and welcoming!

Everyone at HSPBC is very friendly and welcoming! The midwives are easy to talk to, very professional and knowledgable. They always answered all of our questions and addressed any of our concerns. My birth experience in the Center went very smoothly. I loved the...

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Open 24/7 for births!

Mon-Thurs. 8:30 am - 2:30 pm
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Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center

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