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HSPBC Testimonials

This place is amazing. SMART mommies-to-be come here! Debra is so informative and helpful is so many ways. Teaching moms-to-be how to let knowledge be a key to helping achieve the most of what YOU want for your baby and labor/delivery expectations. Advice and resources about all kinds of “the more all-natural” options can be traded and discussed here. In addition to weekly prenatal yoga, I also did the hypnobirthing sessions here. They were great and I highly recommend them. Two all-natural, birth center delivered babies later and I attribute my encouragement and initial awareness to Debra and prenatal plus yoga. Try this place out! You won’t be disappointed!

Jenn B

Keep on doing what you do Debra! Pregnant women need exactly the knowledge, love and support you give us and allow us to give each other.


Definitely the best birth experience overall of my 4!  In search of an alternative, we found Holistic South, and could not be more grateful for this wonderful Center. The care and attention to the patient are above and beyond. The entire staff is so welcoming and knowledgeable, that you really feel at ease. If we go for baby #5, this is where we will come for sure, we highly recommend Holistic South!

Priscilla & baby Levi

Everyone at HSPBC is very friendly and welcoming! The midwives are easy to talk to, very professional and knowledgable. They always answered all of our questions and addressed any of our concerns.

My birth experience in the Center went very smoothly. I loved the privacy and intimacy with everyone listening to what I needed. After the birth of our baby boy, our midwife checked in on us and made sure breastfeeding was going well. It was truly a wonderful experience.

Mama Lissvett and family

For me, I chose HSPBC because it seemed the opposite of that in a hospital/medical environment that was missing the magic and natural aspect of birth.

Everything went just as I wanted thanks to my wonderful team of birth workers. They made me feel safe and helped me stay connected to my instincts, giving me the time my baby and I needed.  Even with COVID happening at this time, I was confident and focused on my birthing experience. Thank you HSPBC for helping me bring my little boy safe into this World!

Mama Denisse A. and family

On July 31, my little sunshine was ready to come into this world. I called my midwife to let her know my water was released and a few hours later I felt it was time to go to the Center. Thirty minutes later I was there and everyone began arriving.  I felt comfortable and relaxed.  I felt that I was in good hands with my midwife and the rest of the staff. If we decide to have a second child, I would definitely come back to HSPBC for my childbirth.

Mama Lisday H.

The service that you receive at HSPBC is perhaps the most necessary one for humankind. The education, support and love provided by the entire team were top-notch! The facility is clean, the office staff is efficient, and our birth experience was exhilarating yet controlled. Debra’s ability to guide the process from day one to the birth day is flawless. We have to give a special thank you to our gifted midwife Nama, we are forever grateful for her. Thanks to everyone at HSPBC so much for every interaction. This was the best way for us to birth our “love” into the world and we felt that any family would have as positive of an experience as we did!

Mama Amanda, Greg and baby Sofia

I would do my next 1000 births at this Birth Center because of how happy I am with my first experience here.  Everything is always clean, everyone is friendly and professional, and most important is the personal staff. I loved the tub and am so grateful to have been in the hands of such wonderful women. Even the Doctor was great to talk to and easy to trust that if something happened he would be around to assist. I recommend this Center to every woman that chooses a natural, holistic birth experience.

Laura S.

Our experience at HSPBC was amazing! I would not have changed a single thing! My midwife was amazing and helped me so much. Our doula was a godsend. I love the fact of everything being about the comfortability of me and my partner. Debra was so helpful during my pregnancy and gave me so much important information. Dominique made everything understandable and convenient. All of my prenatal visits were great and went so extremely smoothly. I will recommend 100% natural childbirth at Holistic South. Everyone made me feel like family. My doula saved my back during labor with massage and counter pressure. Thank you to everyone at Holistic South for making a crazy experience the best of our lives!

Mama Tara B.

An incredible and supportive place for prenatal and birth care. I was surrounded at all times with love and was encouraged to follow what I wanted out of my birth. Instead of being a scary experience as most describe it, it was enlightening, empowering and made me feel proud of what I and my body could accomplish. Thank you to Debra, and the beautiful birth workers, for an incredible birth experience. Gianluca was brought into this world so beautifully thanks to your love and support.

Karina C.

If you’re looking for positive and supportive prenatal care and birthing experience, Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center is the absolute best option. During prenatal appointments, I never felt rushed and as a first-time mom always felt comfortable asking questions and for guidance. The midwives and nurses were absolutely wonderful, always sharing their abundance of knowledge and making me feel cared for. My birth experience was beyond what I ever expected. My midwife was an absolute blessing, and the birth team was so incredibly supportive and calm throughout. I never felt rushed, stressed, or that I had to be on the defensive to advocate for myself and my desires. The staff always made me feel so comfortable and empowered. I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience and truly recommend the center to anyone looking for a natural birth with care under the most incredible individuals.

Stephanie DLPaz

I cannot say enough good things about my first visit to your Center. This being my first pregnancy I was worried and nervous about finding the right care but as soon as I walked through the door you calmed my nerves and made the experience an easy one. Thank you HSPBC!


The service that you receive at HSPBC is perhaps the most necessary one for humankind. The education, support and love provided by the entire team were top-notch! The facility is clean, the office staff is efficient, and our birth experience was exhilarating yet controlled. Debra’s ability to guide the process from day one to the birth is flawless. We have to give a special thank you to our gifted midwives, we are forever grateful. Thanks to everyone at HSPBC so much for every interaction. This was the best way for us to birth our “love” into the world and we felt that any family would have as positive of an experience as we did!

Amanda, Greg & baby Sofia

Prenatal Plus Yoga

Miami’s Specialty Center for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond

located in Coral Gables, Florida.

I love Debra and her classes! It’s so great to be part of a group where all the girls are going through the same as you! I really like that we get a time at the beginning of the class to talk about what we are feeling and you get different opinions and stories from all the other moms to be, it makes you feel calm and safe…

Debra is a great teacher and shares many tips and experiences with you during the class, I feel this is an ALL in one experience. You get to do yoga, learn good positions for labor, share with other pregnant ladies and most important you get to RELAX!

It’s definitely a great experience and I recommend doing it from the beginning, I started when I was 20 weeks and now I’m 31 weeks and every class it makes me feel better and better!

Katherine V.

I love love my yoga classes. I have been taking classes with Debra since 20 weeks in my first pregnancy, my oldest was born in march 2008, prenatal, postnatal with baby, parenting classes, hypnobirthing, prenatal yoga again with the second baby, and now postnatal. The best part of the classes is the sharing between people that may be in your same circle of women and Debra who is very well educated and has great first-hand experience as a mom, doula and teacher for many years. Her tips, sharing concerns and simply the friendships are great PLUS the exercise.

I don’t have many friends but got great ones from my yoga classes including Debra. I recommend Prenatal Plus Yoga 100%.

Angela B.

Prenatal Plus Yoga is the best place to go during your pregnancy. I have been going to this class for the past four months and I can’t say enough good things about it. My pregnancy would have been a lot harder for me if I wasn’t going to this class. Debra is a great instructor. She always gives us useful tips during the class and helps us to stay stronger physically and mentally. I totally recommend this class for every pregnant woman. Wish you all a healthy pregnancy.

Happy Mama

I was so grateful that my midwife suggested Prenatal Plus Yoga during my early pregnancy. I don’t know what I would have done without it, Debra is an amazing woman full of peace and knowledge, she teaches how to “relax, release and let go.” She shares her knowledge, support and tips during her classes. As a first-time mom, I had a lot of doubts and concerns, being part of her classes helped me gain confidence and knowledge. The yoga is absolutely amazing, it’s directed for Mom and baby bonding and totally helped me relieve all the aches and pains that come along with pregnancy. Also, it is extremely important for emotional well-being and coping with stress, you realize how full of positive energy and revived you feel after a class and how important this is for you and baby. This is something that many people who have never been involved in will try to make you feel like isn’t important and might want to discourage you from this amazing experience. Well-being of mind, body and spirit it’s indispensable and something you need to look for during the wonderful journey of pregnancy and beyond. Along with all these benefits, you have the chance to meet other moms who are going through the same things you are and share their wonderful experiences, makes you feel like you are not the only one.

Happy Mama

I went to Prenatal Yoga classes with Debra during my pregnancy. I also went to the special acupressure session you hosted (so enlightening!) with your “teacher training” students. Before the year comes to a close, I want to make sure that I thank you!

One of the best things I did for myself during my pregnancy was to attend your prenatal yoga classes. I took a childbirth class, yet nothing was better preparation for me than to hear your birth and breastfeeding anecdotes, information, and words of encouragement for every symptom in the book: “it’s normal” 🙂.


I miss class! I had an incredible labor that only lasted 3 hours total with little pain and no medication at all. Thanks to you and your yoga classes I was totally prepared and highly recommend you to all pregnant ladies. Thank you!


I gave birth last Wed. May 21st at 8:45 pm to our loving and wonderful baby boy, Francis. We are doing great and Francis loves to listen to the same mantras we listened to during class. He recognizes them and they soothe him immediately. Every time I need to calm myself to keep going all through the night I sing the mantras and remember the wonderful teachings and moments during class. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving us these wonderful lessons for life! I have and will continue to recommend your classes and the birthing center! All the best of luck!!


We are so happy to have our baby girl in our house and we feel blessed with this second chance. Thank you for being part of this journey and sharing with me during all of my three pregnancies that carried my two lovely children and a generous little angel. Looking forward to seeing you soon in Mommy and Me and hearing about all the good news on the progress of the birthing center – for which I wish you the best! I know it will do great on so many levels; many blessings to you and the whole team to carry out this Great project.


I have been practicing Prenatal Yoga with Debra since I was 22 weeks pregnant. I am already in my 40th week, and I would like to share with you my experience during these almost 20 weeks with Prenatal Yoga as part of my life.

I started practicing Prenatal Yoga as I felt I needed to be physically active. I started thinking that I was going to attend classes 1 or 2 times per week and finally, I was enjoying so much and I discovered so many benefits that I have been attending classes 3 times per week.

Prenatal Yoga gives me faith, self-confidence, courage, tranquility, patience, relaxation and peace. However the most important for me is that I capture a lot of energy, positive sensations and learnings. For me, it is an effective, challenging and novel experience every day.

I am having the best pregnancy a woman can imagine and have. I feel lucky but I really feel that Prenatal Yoga has done a lot for me.

I encourage all of you to practice Prenatal Yoga with Debra, she is very inspiring and her classes are amazing, from physical, mental and emotional points of view.

Thanks, Debra to give me strength and balance. See you on Thursday 🙂


Hello Debra,
I wanted to let you know that my baby was born on April 1st and it was a boy! I had a vaginal, non-medicated birth, not sure how I did it, but I did!!! Also, I wanted to thank you for such an incredible pregnancy experience with the prenatal yoga classes. I loved them and am so grateful you created such a special place for moms and their baby bellies! Now I sing SaReSaSa to my boy and he loves it!!! Best wishes and thank you!


It was delightful to take prenatal yoga classes with Debra. I loved stopping my busy life and taking time to contemplate my baby, our health, the reverence and the feelings of gratefulness. The prenatal yoga helped me to be more peaceful and trust my body more!  It helped ease my hip pain and enjoy my belly more.  Debra is a beautiful lady inside and out. She is definitely aware and present and she is so insightful in so many different areas of this world of pregnancy and babies. I definitely recommend her classes to the parents who want to be more educated and knowledgeable about birth.

Sabrina G.

I definitely feel much better when I do the yoga classes with Debra. She’s so supportive and has a lot of wisdom and birth knowledge. I love to share this precious period with her and other lovely expecting moms.


I’m loving my Yoga classes with Debra. Not only do I leave every class with a new recommendation or information I didn’t know, but I also find the group very supportive. Debra is an amazing teacher and human being, she has a lot of wisdom and you can tell that not only does she know what she does, but she also definitely loves it.


I would give this studio 10 stars if I could! I love the classes! Debra has helped me so much and I have learned a lot. I’ve not only found great yoga techniques, but also excellent advice and tips for time during labor. Debra is very sweet, kind and lovely! I also love the environment, everything is super organized and clean.  I am now 28 weeks and I went for the first class when I was 16 weeks!  After the first class, I bought the package of 20 classes and I am also doing the HypnoBirthing course and breastfeeding class 🙂


suzette birth storyGood morning Debra, I’m Suzzette, one of your yoga class students. I just wanted to share with you that on Sunday at 11:32 am I gave birth to my little baby boy! A natural birth…everything went smooth and great, no drugs. He weighed 6.9 pounds, 20-1/2 inches. He is a healthy boy and we are both doing very well. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart because thanks to all of the preparation I did in your classes and the way you teach to be fully informed about everything during labor and delivery. Thanks to all of the education I was able to experience this moment the way I did, I was very calm all the time, breathing and doing my exercises. Thank you for teaching me to trust my own body… I will be always thankful for you. Now I can’t wait to begin the mommy and me classes with baby Luca! =] see you really soon!


Patricia birth storyHi Debra,

I wanted to send you this note to thank you for all your help during the birth of my 2 daughters. The important lessons you taught me during the months I attended your prenatal yoga classes helped me to have 2 wonderful, natural births! I have to confess I knew very little about what a birth experience should be. I was relying mostly on my OB/GYN recommendations rather than on how I wanted my labor to be and how important it would be for both me and my daughters to have a good, healthy birth experience from beginning to postpartum. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you being my doula during my last birth. Thank you for opening my eyes & my heart and helping me find the strength within myself to birth my child without any anesthesia! I know it was my decision but having your presence and support made it possible to stay calm and centered during the most active part of labor & birth. Patricia birth storyEverything you taught me was so very helpful during both of my labors and having you by my side made it easier for me to stay focused on welcoming my daughters into this world surrounded by love, peace instead of fear and pain. I am now even a greater advocate for natural births (as long as mom or child are not at risk) and I am always recommending my pregnant friends to take your classes so they can also acquire the knowledge they need to make the right choices for them and their children, during pregnancy, labor & birth. Love you, Debra, thank you again!


Thank you all for a truly inspirational childbirth workshop! What a beautiful circle of authentic, joyful and wise women. Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and spontaneity. You are all so primal and powerful, and I am honored to be in your circle! A special thanks to you Debra for hosting us at Prenatal Plus Yoga.


I had an incredible labor that only lasted 3 hours total with little pain and no medication at all. Thanks to you and your yoga classes and teachings, was totally prepared and highly recommend you to all pregnant ladies. Thank you. Be back for Postnatal with baby Yoga.


Testimonials for Baby Belly Tunes!

Baby Belly Tunes™ is a really great accessory! It is super comfortable to wear due to the soft material and it’s simply fantastic to be able to listen to the same music as baby. I strongly believe that playing music to your baby during pregnancy is beneficial. Plus, it’s also a very relaxing thing to do for expectant mothers.

SB – Miami

This AMAZING product Baby Belly Tunes™ helped to turn my breech baby back to head down position! You could tell that baby was enjoying the music and we also recorded some messages for her to hear our voices. It is very comfortable and offers great back support! Not only is it wonderful to wear and use throughout the pregnancy but you can also use it once the baby is born. It helps support the hips and back and you can use the self-adhesive speakers on the crib or stroller! A must-have!

MB- Miami

I came to yoga class with back pain and pelvic pain. Though the yoga helped considerably, I needed support after long walks shopping in the mall preparing for my baby’s arrival.

Debra suggested that I try Baby Belly Tunes. The belt helped resolve the pain and I could continue through the afternoon. Not to mention, I had a demanding work schedule throughout my second trimester, which required me to travel.

I started wearing the belt just to walk to my gate at MIA. I also played my playlist from Spotify and iTunes, which helped calm my baby down once before we hit the TSA line.

Now that my baby is here, I’m almost certain that baby recognizes these same songs.


LOVE my Baby Belly Tunes™ support wrap!!! It gives soooo much support for my belly! It lifts and supports my belly. It has pockets to put iPhone or iPod in. The adaptor connects the earbuds it comes with & the baby belly speakers to listen to music together! Playing music for your lil one inside the belly. It’s so useful, especially towards the end of your pregnancy! I recommend this product to all my friends who are pregnant now.


BBT helps me connect with my baby, alleviates lower back pain and relaxes both me and my baby!

SD – 1st time expecting Mom

The support is great and the wrap is super comfortable! Calms my babies with music, I have twin girls!


Baby Belly Tunes™ helps me connect with my baby by playing music together, alleviates lower back strain, pelvic heaviness and relaxes both me and my baby!

SD – 1st time expecting Mom

Labor – Doula Care Testimonials

blanca birth storyHello My Favorite Doula!!

I want to thank you for making the entire birth process for me so much more memorable. You should be called an angel rather than a doula! I put all of my trust and more importantly “faith” in you and I am sooooo happy to have done so. From the time I first became pregnant with Alvin, I literally started your prenatal yoga classes. I was 12 weeks with Alvin, a few times with the twins and now again with Ariana. You are not only part of my memories when I gave birth but during the growth of my little ones in my belly. I wish I was a person that could express myself easily in words to the impact all that had on me and what you, Debra, represent to me. I love you and I am blessed that God put you in my path. May you always be happy, healthy, and holy,
Namaste my friend.
Little Ariana, baby two!

And Now, one year ago today I gave birth to my baby girl, Ariana. With you by my side, I put all of my faith in you. It’s like everyone else didn’t exist and all that was there was you and me. If I was not so old I would have at least two more children just to experience what I did with you once more. Debra words cannot express how blessed I felt to have you by my side. Had you not been there during this “unusual” delivery I don’t know how I would have handled it. My children are my world. Nothing can compare or even come close to the love one feels for their children. Happy Birthday Ariana and thank you my friend. You will always remain in my heart. God Bless You. Blanca & Ariana

Blanca, Alex, Alvin and Ariana Acosta

Natasha birth storyHaving Debra as our Doula during the birth of my son was so important in achieving the birthing experience I was dreaming of. After taking the HypnoBirthing® course with Debra and asking her to be our Doula, she kept communicating with me to make sure that everything was going well with my pregnancy. The day I started labor, I labored at home as much as I could while keeping her informed of the progress. On that day, May 11th, 2012, I started to feel some sporadic contractions at 9 am. At that time I adventured myself to the gym as I had done during my entire pregnancy, and afterward, I cleaned the house just in case this was not a “fake labor” and I had to actually go to the hospital and come back home with the little one, I wanted a clean house. By the time I took my shower, I realized that my contractions were 20 minutes apart and that I had some “birth show.” After that, I drove to Lincoln road to have a nice lunch with my aunt and then headed back home and made myself comfortable in the bathtub. Communicating with Debra throughout this early labor continued until my contractions were 10 minutes apart. I stayed home practicing all of the relaxation and breathing techniques that Debra had taught me in her classes. Heading to the hospital, when the contractions were under 5 minutes apart, I arrived and was dilated Natasha birth story7cm with 100% effacement. Debra met us at the hospital and was by my side at all times, giving me care, love, and support. I felt connected to Debra and to my husband throughout my whole birth process. Debra’s voice was very soothing and could easily keep me focused and relaxed through the strongest surges. She prepared different “stations,” around the room, such as kneeling while holding a birth ball and squatting on the toilet, which were tremendously helpful. Also, she massaged my lower back continuously to ease the discomfort during the strong surges providing me a great amount of relief. With Debra by my side, my son Derin Efe Yazici was born 10 hours after arriving at the hospital on May 12, 2012, weighing 8.4lbs.

My birth experience was all-natural and drug-free just as I had wanted it. I had a minimal tear and no episiotomy. My Doctor was very supportive of me and my loved ones, including Debra. After birth, I also took my encapsulated placenta capsules which were prepared by Debra. These supported my quick recovery after birth and also increased my milk supply. My husband and I know for a fact that having Debra as our Doula made all this possible, and we are looking forward to repeating this experience for our second child in the near future.

Thank you Debra for your love and care during my birth experience!

Natasha Yazici, Volcan and Derin Efe Yazici

Having a doula, and specifically, Debra, for me was the best decision I could have made.
She helped me navigate through difficult decisions during my labor but ultimately respected the choices I made and helped me feel at peace with them.


Only about an hour after arriving our baby was with us,in my arms! I was able to labor medication free and it was the most powerful experience of my life. Thank you Debra for the education, teachings and Doula Love!

Denise Fernandez

My birthing experience was amazing! My midwife and doula were very intuned with my needs. I was able to labor in any position I wanted, went from tub to toilet to birth stool to bed.

I never felt like I needed any drugs. Debra helped guide my breathing, our nurse assistant monitored the baby’s heart rate. I am grateful for even not tearing with guided birth breathing. Every woman should have an unmedicated birth, it’s a very spiritual and bonding experience between mother and child.

Mama Danielle

CarolDebra was amazing! Every woman giving birth should have a Doula present.


Postpartum Doula Care“If we hope to create a non-violent world where respect and kindness replace fear and hatred, we must begin with how we treat each other at the beginning of life. For that is where out deepest patterns are set. From these roots grow fear and alienation, or love and trust.”

Suzanne Arms

Testimonial AnaiDear Debra!!

Our baby Teo is born! I was in labor for a bit more than 30 hours. It was intense, sometimes I thought I wouldn’t be able to make it, but we did!!!! Surges started on Monday, Dec. 29th at 11 pm and baby Teo was born today at 5.30 am Dec. 30th, 2014!

I’m so so so happy with my happy and healthy baby! 7.2 pounds 🙂 Also he’s breastfeeding great! Thank you so much for your amazing help and teachings! You really made a difference in my life. You made my pregnancy even more beautiful than it already was. Thank you so much!


Birth Stories

and now you can birth in water at HSPBC!

cfernandez birth storyBirth Story #2…
This was my second birth experience with Debra as my doula, and just as with the first, she and my husband helped me achieve exactly the kind of birth I hoped for! Being my second child, it was much quicker, however, just as powerful if not more. Debra suggested to me that maybe a few squats would help the baby’s head break water. It took only one!!! Very quickly thereafter I was ready to bear down, our wonderful  Thanks Debra for the education, teachings and love!
Thank you!

Denise and Danny Fernandez

Muehllehner birth storyHere’s to the arrival of Alexyi Smith Muehllehner (name finally chosen after a day of pondering the new offspring), May 14, 2012, 7lb. 15oz, 19.5 inches. My natural VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) around lunchtime after 9-10 hours of labor and arrival to Jackson South Hospital, together with my amazing husband and doula Debra (birth assistant) helping me along every second of the way! Big Sis Teah came to visit the next day asking; “Mama is that the new baby? Let me see your belly, is it empty now?”
Alexyi and Mom are very Happy and Whole, Hooooray!!!!

Alexyi's Mama

Hi Debra,

stephanie birth storyThe day I went into labor I wasn’t sure it was labor, but from what I learned in your prenatal yoga classes and the hypnobirthing course helped me through the whole process. Sunday night I was walking the dogs with my husband & my mom when I felt – what I thought to be at the time – a Braxton Hicks contraction. That was around 10 pm. It was more intense though, but I had read that as your due date approaches, these get a little more intense, so I didn’t think much of it. Then at around 11 pm, I felt another one, so we just thought maybe I had been doing too much that day running around as EDD was not for two more weeks! So I decided to call it a night, take a shower and go to bed. When I went to the bathroom the mucus plug released, but I wasn’t sure. I was planning on calling my doctor the next day, so I took the shower and went to bed. Around midnight, what I felt in my belly was more intense so I got out of bed, then the contractions (waves) were coming one after the other. My body was also shaking, not from cold or pain, I just couldn’t control it. It was a strange sensation to me. My husband called the doctor and decided it was time to go to the hospital. We decided to call 911. When they came they confirmed I was in labor. On the way to the hospital, the paramedics gave me an iv solution that stopped my shaking. When we got to the hospital I went into labor & delivery. Upon checking, to my surprise, I was 9 cm dilated, all thinned out and my baby was at -2, still needed to come down. I think that was around 4 am, and at 8:04 am my baby was born!! I did it with no drugs, no Pitocin, of course, because I wouldn’t have needed it anyway, but also no epidural!! The water broke by itself at around 6 am as the baby moved down, the baby ended up with the cord around his foot. I learned every woman is different and sometimes labor will not come to you as it says in the books, you just need to be prepared for whatever will come to you. Thanks again Debra for all of the knowledge you bestowed upon me to help me be prepared for my birthing day! It happened surprisingly early at 38 weeks when most girls in class were going up to their 40th or 41st week. I felt I had everything in me that I needed to be prepared for my labor and birth. Thank you! See you soon in Mommy & Me!!


Baby Arianna arrived on Friday, Sept 6 at 10:34 am, weighing 7lbs and 14 oz. It ended up being a C Section delivery. I had spoken to you about my pre existing conditions so although I was scared of having a c section, more on the side that the hospital would not do skin to skin, allow the baby in the recovery room, etc. I made sure my dr. knew what was important to me and I advocated for it and it WORKED! As soon as the baby was here they immediately put her on me and we latched the baby on my nipple. The baby stayed on me for the duration of the surgery and then dad followed her to the nursery. Once in postpartum, the baby stayed with us until we checked out.

Although it wasn’t a vaginal delivery I have to say your class ultimately prepared me for not only the physical recovery aspect (no pain meds) but the more important aspect in advocating and ensuring that I get the delivery I was comfortable with. I was lucky to have a Dr also advocate for me and the staff was helpful and understanding to me wanting skin to skin and wanting the baby with me.

A big thank you to you Debra! I’m sure you’ve heard this before but I hope it never gets old to hear for you on how thankful I am that you do what you do!

Looking forward to going to the breastfeeding support group!
Forever Thankful, See you Soon!


Happy MamaThis is the face of a mother who birthed with Patience & Love! YES, there are powerful, intense moments during the birth process, but with the support and love of all around you, no wires or IVs, walking, eating, drinking, and listening to your favorite music, makes the process smoother and much more enjoyable! Ultimately baby finds their way home and the Water Really Helps! We Love Our HSPBC babies & families!

Happy Mama

HSamandaMy entire life, when thinking of pregnancy, I always thought of negative experiences: mood swings, morning sickness, aches and pains. Pregnancy is typically portrayed as a means to an end, stress on the body to end up with your baby. As you can imagine, when I saw the positive sign on the pregnancy test, I was instantly filled with fear at the upcoming months. Once I told my partner and took a few, deep breaths, I thought to myself, isn’t this supposed to be a joyful thing? My partner seemed extremely happy, why was I feeling other things along with my joy?  I happened to have a gynecologist appointment 2 days later, so I waited patiently for the day to arrive. My best friend and I trekked to the appointment only to find out that my gynecologist no longer delivered babies. Being inside the bright white, fluorescent lighted doctor’s office, something did not feel right to me. Just as pregnancy had been portrayed as a negative experience, so did labor and birth. While the doctor rattled on about prenatal vitamins and doctors she could refer me to, I couldn’t help but wonder, is there a better way? Hospitals, medications, big words I couldn’t connect to – is this really all there was? I’ve had a total of 8 surgeries in my life. You can easily see why hospitals do not appeal to me. Hospitals do not typically consist of happy experiences. They are full of fear, loss and illness. A necessity at times, yes, but pregnancy and birth did not feel like one of those times. As my best friend and I drove away from the doctor’s office, I relayed my concerns to her. “There is another way!” she exclaimed.

She told me of documentaries and research she had previously forgone and explained what a birth center was. We looked up on google the nearest birth centers, and I called the nearest one to me without a second thought. Anything is better than the hospital, I thought! I scheduled my meet and greet with Debra for a week later. My partner and I attended, and we decided this was our best course of action.

I had no idea what journey I had truly begun. I attended my monthly appointments, getting to know the midwives and nurses. I learned on my own, as well as through HSPBC, that pregnancy could be a beautiful experience! I walked daily, ate a balanced diet and learned all I could about my growing baby. I took the hypnobirthing course with Debra and learned how to have not only a natural labor, but a peaceful one.

My baby arrived 3 weeks early! I could never have imagined what birthing would be like, but I look back on it in amazement and gratitude. While the birth experience had its challenges, it was filled with love and peace. The lights were dim, the bath water was running, and I was able to walk around, bounce on the exercise ball and breath through my surges in a calm environment. Everyone around me was supportive and energizing. I birthed my baby boy in the water, and as soon as he arrived, my partner and I were able to enjoy his birth day with absolutely no sense of urgency, only love.

I had no idea what I was going to experience the day I set foot in HSPBC, but I can’t imagine birthing any other way now. The experience was priceless, and I will treasure it forever. I do not think of my birth as a war story or some victimizing experience. I now think of pregnancy and birth as a positive experiences: moments of empowerment, love, support, encouragement and positivity. Without HSPBC, I would have never realized these truths or experienced birth the way it was intended to be.

MelanieAfter my “medically diagnosed” c-section I’m still in the hospital and in horrible pain 🙁 After the delivery, they took Max away for 4 hours, which was a complete nightmare and definitely the longest/hardest 4 hours of my life,
Even though I didn’t get to have the birth experience I was hoping for, breastfeeding is going exceptionally well and I already had transitional milk 2 days after he was born! He eats like a champ and the breastfeeding class we took with you was so very helpful!! The photo shows how he falls asleep on me every single time!! I Love it!!
I thought you’d enjoy this story, I’m feeding him on demand so the first night I ended up awake for most of the night cluster feeding him which I didn’t think was a big deal because I’m learning, he’s learning, etc.
The next morning, the doctor and nurse came in and told me that I was not making enough milk and that I needed to top him off with formula. My doctor also said this is 2013 and that there are easier ways of doing things; that the baby is manipulating me, grrrr, I cried for hours and then decided to keep doing what I was doing until I spoke to his pediatrician and a lactation consultant.

MelanieBoth told me I made the right decision by continuing to exclusively breastfeed, phew! FYI, You also have to advocate for breastfeeding ~ ridiculous!

Thanks for referring our pediatrician, Dr. Gary Kramer, he is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! He’s been in the hospital to check up on Max every single day!

Debra, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me view my pregnancy in a different light and helping me realize what a beautiful experience it really is despite all the pain from the surgery. Also, thank you for all the knowledge you constantly shared with me. If it wasn’t for you, I may have given in and started feeding my son formula! We will see you for mommy and me in a few weeks!!!


We had the most incredible team of powerful women from Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center help us hold space for Satya’s arrival. We are so grateful for each of you and the beautiful center you have created for such a sacred experience. Ultimate surrender and trust in the universe and my body, Jona, the love of my life, supported me as if he had delivered 100 babies before! The word blessed does not even come close to what I feel…

Rachel N.

Our birth experience was a dream come true! It was everything we imagined it would be and more. The staff at Holistic South treated us like family throughout the entire pregnancy. Our birth plan was successful. Everyone was very understanding and attentive to our needs. We both felt that birthing our baby boy at Holistic South was the safest option for our family and the greatest decision we could have made. We will definitely be back for our second child and wouldn’t change a thing. So much gratitude goes out to the whole staff at HSPBC!

Mama Alex

To the entire practice of Holistic South, I can’t thank you enough for the amazing experience we had bringing our baby girl into the world with your help! You made us feel like family and with your love support and expertise, I had a beautiful waterbirth! The guidance and three years ago bringing our first into the world in a natural way. The prenatal classes, hypnobirthing, gave me confidence and the knowledge I needed. Thanks to everyone at Holistic South!

Mama Chelsey M.

I have seen two sides of birth.

The hospital experience with my first child and the birth we were all as women made to have with my second child at Holistic South.

They provided me the opportunity to have the most beautiful birth I could have ever imagined.

I breathed through my surges as they came and I could feel that I was getting closer to meeting my new baby.

The feeling was emotionally overwhelming and I had a good cry on my husband before we left the house.

Looking back, I was saying goodbye to the life we had as a family of three. I welcomed the new love that would be coming into our lives, but I knew things would be completely different very soon.

It was overwhelming to say the least. I got myself together and said “Okay, I’m ready” and off we were. I held my husband’s hand through the surges and we arrived to the birth center.

The midwife, doula and birth assistant greeted me with hugs.  They joyfully said “We’re having a baby today!”

We walked a bit and I ended up in the birthing tub soon after. (more…)

Norka Fernandez


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