Baby Belly Tunes for Pregnancy & Postpartum

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Baby Belly Tunes was designed to help support mamas growing belly and relieve common low back strain during pregnancy. It has been proven to help guide baby to the “optimal head down” position for birth. Safety volume speakers to calm and relax both mother & baby throughout pregnancy. The Best part of Baby Belly Tunes is the ability to listen to music with baby and have the safety decibel speakers to protect baby’s ears. Such a great benefit in calming babies and helping to guide them “head down” for labor & birth. This will help prevent back labor and make birthing time shorter and easier! The wrap comes with everything you need, earbuds, adaptor & safety decibel speakers. Just plug in your “music device” and…

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What is a Doula?

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Studies have shown that having the support and care of another woman present during labor, the laboring woman is more likely to have a shorter, safer more satisfying birth experience. With doula support, allowing women to labor in the comfort of home through early labor, avoiding potential interventions that may take place when arriving too soon to the hospital setting. Fathers-to-be relax more with this caring doula support in knowing there is a professional advocate present to assist mother, physically, emotionally & spiritually. Some benefits of Doula Care: Achieving a more relaxed comfortable birth using all of the above-mentioned techniques therefore avoiding drugs and potential major abdominal surgery 60% reduction in cesarean rate Reduced duration of labor 40% reduced use of pitocin Reduced use of…

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