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Healthy Granola Recipe for Pregnancy and Beyond

HOW ABOUT A CUSTOM MADE GRANOLA FOR ENERGY & PROTEIN  You can adjust this any way you like, using your favorite nuts ! 1 cup roasted hazelnuts – chopped into big pieces 1 cup roasted cashews – chopped into big pieces 1 cup organic oats 1 cup slivered almonds or...

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Vitamin D for Infants

It just never made sense  that 40 years ago, a professors at UNC School of Medicine casually announced human breast milk contained no vitamin D. “How can that be? How can that possibly be? That makes no sense,” I thought. “Was primitive man supposed to give their...

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The Ultimate Quiche for Health!

Let's begin by taking a typical quiche recipe and making it organic, healthy and full of veggies, etc You can take any recipe and make it better by using healthier ingredients and the foods you like! Cutting calories and fat makes it even healthier! Organic Quiche...

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