5 Great Uses for Coconut Oil for your Baby

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Coconut Oil – Five Great Uses For Coconut Oil For Your Baby Your newborn baby is probably the most precious thing in the whole world to you (or one of, if you have more kids). You worry about everything – hot drinks, stray dogs, sunburn, you name it, you’ve worried about. If you’ve read the ingredients on the bottles of baby lotions and creams, then you’re probably worried about chemicals too. You can replace many of your store bought baby products with a natural, chemical-free alternative – coconut oil. Coconut oil is gaining huge momentum worldwide for being a super oil – containing anti-bacterial, anti-viral and anti-fungal properties. Not only will it save you money, it will be better for the planet and better for…

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Dreams really do come True!!! As a prenatal yoga teacher and labor doula, there has been overwhelming interest in having a Birth Center in the South.  It became clear to me that women wanted  this safe alternative to hospital birthing. So, together with the effort of many, The first Birth Center in the South that will offer  a safe option (across from a Hospital), providing waterbirths, midwifery care, childbirth education, complete prenatal & postnatal care. Holistic OB/GYN support together with MIDWIFERY care throughout your pregnancy, birth & beyond. Estimated  Grand Opening is set for Early 2015!  I thank GOD first, then the support of family and all who are working together to make this a warm, wonderful environment for you to birth your baby~  Holistic South Pregnancy…

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