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learning to palpate where baby isSpecialty Midwifery Assistant Training Course
Debra learning to palpate where baby is with the best!, Ina Mae Gaskin and staff at The Farm in Tennessee.
Blessed experience~


“In the midst of movement and chaos, keep stillness inside of you.” ~ Deepak Chopra
A “Blessing Song”  for Moms & Babies – Snatam Kaur 
“For me attending a birth as a doula is a sacred honor.  I like to know my clients and have a friendship with both mom & dad.  Not just anyone should attend your birth, so choose a certified professional with experience for the best birth possible.”  DG
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In sharing so much time with prenatal yoga moms, working with couples together through childbirth education and preparation workshops, including breast feeding, newborn baby care and happiest baby on the block, for Debra, being able to provide physical, emotional, informational and non-judgmental support beginning in early labor, through birth and early postpartum is both an honor and blessing. I would like to thank each and every couple for honoring me in sharing this most amazing, intimate experience, the birth of your baby. Debra has been a certified labor & postpartum doula for 13+ years.


Taking time together with mom & dad-to-be at a prenatal visit (3) weeks prior to the EDD, allows everyone to be comfortable in sharing this very intimate experience. Attending the required childbirth class and enjoying newborn baby care & breast feeding gives the knowledge to help get parent off to a good start.  Debra will personally go to your home and meet with you, establish a connection/relationship, reviewing your birth wishes, desires and go over any medical terminology explanations needed. This ONE on ONE is most important to relax and enjoy the birthing experience, knowing your birth companion and your doula are both there to love and support you all the way.
Doula is a “Greek” word meaning “mothering the mother”. Providing mothers and fathers to-be continual support throughout labor, birth and early postpartum. A wonderful way of achieving a more relaxed, natural birth using special comfort measures while supporting Mom 100% throughout the challenges of labor. Using position changes, breathing/relaxation techniques, music and massage. Working together with Dad so he can relax and enjoy this”Celebration of Life” without tension, frustration and fear, knowing mother and baby are calm, supported, focused and able to follow the “natural instincts” of her body. Letting go of the tension-fear-pain syndrome while relaxing & meditating during contractions, tapping into a deeper consciousness, saving energy needed to breathe while birthing your baby.
Studies have shown that having the support and care of another woman present during labor, the laboring woman is more likely to have a shorter, safer more satisfying birth experience. With doula support, allowing women to labor in the comfort of home through early labor, avoiding potential interventions that may take place when arriving too soon to the hospital setting. Fathers-to-be relax more with this caring doula support in knowing there is a professional advocate present to assist mother, physically, emotionally & spiritually.
Some benefits of Doula Care:
  • Achieving a more relaxed comfortable birth using all of the above-mentioned techniques therefore avoiding drugs and potential major abdominal surgery
  • 60% reduction in cesarean rate
  • Reduced duration of labor
  • 40% reduced use of pitocin
  • Reduced use of forceps and vacuum extraction
  • Reduced chances of maternal fever and infection
  • Fewer episiotomies
  • Increased chance of successful breastfeeding
  • Increased chance of spontaneous vaginal birth
“If a Doula were a drug, it would be unethical not to use it.”
John H. Kennell, M.D.
The Role of a Doula
Your doula is there to help you through childbirth with love, physical, emotional and informational support. Providing continuous reassurance emotionally throughout this time. A doula specializes in non-medical skills, such as massage, breathing techniques, position changes and perform no clinical tasks, such as vaginal exams etc.  A doula does not make any decisions for her clients and does not project personal values & goals upon a laboring mother. With many possibilities of how labor may begin, at home, with your fluid intact, or maybe the membranes release and you have no contractions…what to do? There are things to be aware of and questions your doula will go over with you at the prenatal visit which takes place approximately three weeks prior to the EDD (estimated due date).
Do health insurance companies pay for doula services?
Some insurance companies cover doula services, and the numbers are increasing gradually as providers are beginning to recognize the benefits of improving parental satisfaction and the savings when parents employ a doula for their birth. Insurance companies are more likely to pay if the OB/Midwife writes a prescription for professional labor support and/or postpartum home health care.  Also, if a doula provides doula care/services with a birth center and midwife,  together as a reimbursable service, this can increase the chance for coverage. If your doula is also a childbirth educator providing both services the insurance companies may reimbursement for either the doula care service, childbirth education provided or both.
Also, postpartum home health care is something covered by insurance companies so ask Debra for more information if you are interested in postpartum doula/home care.
Factors that may increase your chances of reimbursement include:
  • Using a certified doula and submitting the doula’s credentials with the claim to the company.
  • Submitting a doctor or midwife’s referral or prescription for professional labor support services.
  • Submitting well documented statistics of the doula’s influence.
  • Actually achieving a low intervention, low cost birth.
  • Submitting a bill/invoice for doula services complete with diagnosis and treatment codes.
  • Resubmitting with more documentation if the first claim is denied.
  • Talking to a person at the company to explain what you do if your services are denied payment.
Cost of Doula care: Some Insurance Companies have been reimbursing 60-75% of Doula Care Service, and now Doula Care Service is more acknowledged than ever, saving them thousands of dollars. Please ask Debra about the form to submit to your insurance company.
Labor Doula – Care Cost
Ultimately, it is most important that Any mother has the support she wants during labor and birth so I am happy to work with each family, client individually and adjust pricing if necessary. Please feel free to call Debra to discuss.
$600.00 includes: prenatal birth center visit approximately (3) weeks prior to EDD, constant telephone communication, early at home support continuing care at home, birth center or hospital throughout birth of your baby and one-hour postpartum, assisting with breast-feeding and comfort. Also includes follow-up postpartum visit within two weeks after birth. If Postpartum Doula Care is requested, will be there when needed.
Please return form with $200.00 (non-refundable) deposit. Deposit is applied to total cost of Doula care. Balance due on prenatal visit.  There is additional hourly fee after a (12) hour period.
Please feel free to contact Debra with any questions. (305) 498-6722.
Check or Money Order to:
Debra Geymayr
P.O. Box 143663
Miami , FL 33114
The Birth Ball for Pregnancy, Birth & Beyond
A wonderful tool to assist moms during pregnancy, help to go through early labor easily and ease back and pelvic pressure, allowing pelvic rotation and movement therefore helping baby’s journey down the birth path. Different positions to rock baby, positioning and rotation so labor is in fact shorter and more comfortable.
A 65cm or 75cm ball – Order Here
$30.00 order at the front desk if you want your own for home use and early labor.  You can pick up at the birth center once in. You do not need to bring a ball to your birth, we have them available at all times.
Benefits of Using a Birth Ball:

• Starting at any time during pregnancy, the Birth Ball relieves lower back and pelvic pressure
• Relieving back discomfort and pelvic floor pressure during labor the Birth Ball is soft and allows movement of the sacrum easily.
• Allows less hand and wrist strain when on all fours taking baby off the back and swaying from side to side
• Relaxing muscles in the lower extremities to allow mother less stress and strain
• Mother labors in different positions depending on what she is feeling i.e. back labor, pelvic floor pressure etc.
• Widening the pelvic outlet to encourage descent of baby
• Using the Birth Ball Postpartum to bounce your baby into a peaceful, calm state, Dad loves this one!!!
• Using the DVD (included) for abdominal strengthening 4-6 weeks postpartum. Work with your postpartum Doula Debra on postnatal w/baby yoga.
• Sitting on the Birth Ball while your Birth Companion, Doula or partner massages your neck, shoulder and back feel great!!!
• Kneeling over the Birth Ball taking all pressure off the hands and wrists allows pelvis to sway and baby to rock into a better position for birthing. Great position for counter pressure for the back and hip massages from your birth companion, doula or partner!!!

A mother should always have someone close by and assisting during labor when utilizing the Birth Ball. As labor progresses it is important to hold someone or lean on a bed to support you during a contraction while using the ball.

“It’s not the life that matters, it’s the courage that you bring to it.”