We are currently accepting insurance and provide “in-network” and “out of network” billing options. Most insurance companies are accepted.  Whatever your insurance, you may be able to access in and out-of-network benefits less your deductible and any out of pocket costs. Feel free to call and discuss your packages and options.

We will assist you in getting a verification of benefits (VOB) for complete information.

Feel free to call us at  305-238-7873 for questions and to set up a tour of our birth center with a meet and greet.

Our Policy On Accepting Insurance: Florida law requires that maternity care coverage include the services of certified nurse-midwives and midwives licensed pursuant to Chapter 467 and the services of birth centers licensed under ss. 383.30-383.335.– emphasis supplied [See Florida Statutes, s.626.6406; s.627.6574; and s. 641.31(18)]. In requiring such coverage, Section 467.002, F.S. specifically recognizes the need for a person to have the freedom to choose the manner, cost and setting for giving birth. The law requires that maternity coverage include midwifery services and provides that an insured or enrollee be given the option of choosing the setting for receiving such services.  Aetna, Ambetter, Tricare, Humana, Oscar, Avmed, BCBS are just some companies we work with. Call 305-238-7873 for more information.

We work with most companies. With your Verification of Benefits, you will know what your coverage is.  HSPBC is working on becoming InNetwork status with many.

The privilege of insurance assignment begins upon receipt of an authorization or pre-certification code from your insurance company, therefore acknowledging your insurance benefits.  Until then you are considered a cash paying client.  It is the policy of Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center to extend to our clients the courtesy of allowing you to assign your insurance benefits to us. This policy reduces your out-of-pocket expense and allows you to receive care from the midwives at the birth center.

This is a Celebration of Life for mother and for baby!
HOW we bring our children into the world matters
Peace on Earth, begins with Birth.

Our standard services  includes:

  • Complete Prenatal Care
  • Visit with our medical director at 35 weeks. He likes to check (palpate) position of baby and say hello
  • Labor support and delivery at the birth center with a midwife, assistant and doula (when applicable)
  • Registered nurse and/or birth assistant attends every birth
  • The cozy comfort of a “home away from home” space surrounded by peace, compassion & patience
  • Labor doula support included (optional for second+ moms)
  • At home postpartum visits @ 24-48 hours
  • Two week follow up at Birth Center for mother
  • Six week follow up at Birth Center for mother
  • The newborn initial physical assessment and birth certificate filing
  • Women’s Wellness

This fee does not include: Insurance usually covers all labs/ultrasounds.

  • Lab work
  • Ultrasounds-when medically indicated
  • medications-incidentals during labor or postpartum that may be necessary
  • Postpartum doula service
  • Childbirth/parenting education classes-special pricing
  • Prenatal vitamins
  • Any hospital charges if transferred

Call to set up your first visit to see a midwife.  If using insurance, this is billed directly as part of your global care.  If self pay, a discounted rate is applied when you join our practice and provide any previous records. This will cover your initial assessment and midwifery consultation. 

Once you decide to birth with HSPBC, you will receive your Welcome Packet and a portal for your personal reference. Any labs, etc. will be on your portal for your review at any time.

All fees to HSPBC are paid in full by your 34th week of pregnancy. Payment plans are available. We are happy to discuss with you the payment plans available along with discounts for our self-pay clients. We also offer discounts for self – pay clients.

You are ultimately responsible for full payment of any and all unmet deductible, co-pays and services not covered by insurance.  Our office will guide you in how to quality your insurance coverage in an effort to help you determine exactly what maternity coverage is available to you under your policy.

We will work with your insurance and plan to bill within 48 hours after the birth. If the situation arises where the insurance company does not pay within the 60 days allowed, the client will be responsible for balance of payment in full (less the deposit/facility fee) to HSPBC and will be reimbursed upon receipt of a check from the insurance company for any difference.  If insurance check is sent directly to you,  any outstanding balance due to HSPBC will need to be paid within 3-5 days. We will also be notified by the insurance company.

Some insurance companies will pay only a percentage of what your coverage is, that is what they mean by reasonable and customary, which is in their judgment what they think they should pay.  You are expected to honor any difference to be paid to HSPBC.

If you have any questions, to make an appointment for a meeting, or arrange a time for a phone call, feel free to call or email debra@hspbirthcenter.com.

You can reach us at the Center @ 305-238-7873 on Monday-Friday between 8:30 and 4:30 pm EST. Schedule a Thursday evening appt. if needed.  We are open until 7pm.

Reasons to consider HSPBC even if you have no out of network benefits or a high deductible plan: Birth matters for mother, baby and father. 
  • Facility fee includes waterbirth – Birthing tubs are available to every client with every midwife. We do in-water monitoring. Most hospital practices have no access to water and aren’t comfortable with in-water monitoring procedures.
  • GravityBirth ™ – The use of gravity helps relax the back and guide baby down and out.
  • One-on-one, direct support of moms in active labor. – At HSPBC, a midwife, registered nurse and a doula (optional) is present to support mom & dad at every birth.
  • In a hospital care setting, labor & delivery nurses are often assigned a group of rooms and one-on-one direct support is often not possible for mothers attempting natural birth. Interruptions, interventions all increase the risk of major abdominal surgery. We encourage all mothers birthing in a hospital to hire a doula!   Call Debra @ 305-498-6722 for more information.
  • Birthing at home or at a birth center has a much higher chance of a natural birth. – For clients making it to term with us, we plan on a 90% natural birth rate (approximate). Of our transfers to a hospital-based provider, only half may result in C-Section; our overall C-Section Surgery rate should be no higher than 6%. Our medical director, back up OB/GYN is a holistic, waterbirth certified practitioner.
  • Birth Center costs can be much lower than hospital expected cost – In addition to saving our mamas and babies from C-Section, related complications and long recovery times, our high natural birth rate and lower facility cost dramatically lower the cost of the total bill. The C-Section surgery rate at local hospitals ranges from 40 to 70%. Miami is the highest in the country!
Hypnosis Sessions for Breech Presentation, Stress, Labor and more…$35.00 per hour. Call to schedule a session.  External version by our medical director.
Labor Doula Care:  Birth center clients, a doula is included with all first time couples, optional for 2+ (Debra will work with each client individually to provide the best support with love and patience.  Health claim forms upon request may be given to try and receive reimbursment for doula care.
Postpartum Doula Care: See PP Doula Care page for Details
Breast Feeding Consulting & Home or Hospital Support: HSPBC has a lactation specialist to help with private consultations as well as free support groups at the center monthly.
Placenta Tincture Preparation: $50.00in addition to PE.
Mother Blessing Baby Shower Session with Debra: $75.00 includes either choice – one hour session of songs and candle lighting blessings or tea party and chair massages focusing on the Goddess Mama to be. Call (305) 498-6722 to schedule with Debra.
Resources Available for:
  • Nutritional Consultations – available to book at the Birth Center. Special discount pricing in our Welcome package.
  • Holistic Acupuncture (specialized in natural initiation for labor)-available to book at the Birth Center. Special discount pricing in our Welcome package with locations in Kendall & Miami Beach.
  • Homeopathic care for all ages, children to adults. In house care – Reserve for a consult at HSPBC.
  • Holistic Chiropractic care-outside resources
  • Cranio-sacral post birth for baby
  • Lactation assistance and support – Free Breast Feeding Support Group with our Lactation Specialist from 0-3 months at HSPBC! Call to reserve.