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MelanieAfter my “medically diagnosed” c-section I’m still in the hospital and in horrible pain 🙁 After the delivery, they took Max away for 4 hours, which was a complete nightmare and definitely the longest/hardest 4 hours of my life,
Even though I didn’t get to have the birth experience I was hoping for, breastfeeding is going exceptionally well and I already had transitional milk 2 days after he was born! He eats like a champ and the breastfeeding class we took with you was so very helpful!! The photo shows how he falls asleep on me every single time!! I Love it!!
I thought you’d enjoy this story, I’m feeding him on demand so the first night I ended up awake for most of the night cluster feeding him which I didn’t think was a big deal because I’m learning, he’s learning, etc.
The next morning, the doctor and nurse came in and told me that I was not making enough milk and that I needed to top him off with formula. My doctor also said this is 2013 and that there are easier ways of doing things; that the baby is manipulating me, grrrr, I cried for hours and then decided to keep doing what I was doing until I spoke to his pediatrician and a lactation consultant.

MelanieBoth told me I made the right decision by continuing to exclusively breastfeed, phew! FYI, You also have to advocate for breastfeeding ~ ridiculous!

Thanks for referring our pediatrician, Dr. Gary Kramer, he is a-m-a-z-i-n-g!!! He’s been in the hospital to check up on Max every single day!

Debra, I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for helping me view my pregnancy in a different light and helping me realize what a beautiful experience it really is despite all the pain from the surgery. Also, thank you for all the knowledge you constantly shared with me. If it wasn’t for you, I may have given in and started feeding my son formula! We will see you for mommy and me in a few weeks!!!

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