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Yoga & Fitness

90-minute sessions
Learn to connect better with baby, stay healthy during pregnancy, and remain flexible and strong.

$ 20.00 – $ 220.00

The Basics – What is yoga?

Yoga is an ancient practice of asanas, chants, pranayamas and meditation. It helps create balance and harmony within.

The word yoga means “yolk” or connection of the mind, body and spirit. Yoga is a series of asanas (poses or postures) that tone your muscles, give you breath pattern awareness for openness and better energy, guide muscle stretches to help with flexibility, and calm the mind to help relax.

It is very important to use proper postural alignment together with breathing techniques to help stretch the body gently and feel great during a yoga practice. Pranayama in yoga is, in essence, using our breath with control. We take approximately 20 to 25,000 breaths each day, how many do we actually think about? Learning the philosophy and theory behind yoga helps us to understand this ancient practice of asanas together with pranayama. Through the yoga asanas, we discipline the body to ultimately quiet the mind. Yoga helps us by creating a peaceful flow within us and around us. Let’s channel these inner and outer energies together with mindfulness, with the purpose of letting go, allowing the waves of life to carry us forward.

Classes are offered in Prenatal and Postnatal with baby yoga.

Teacher Training for professionals, birthworkers and pregnant mothers who want to learn about this great time of life.

Together with Yoga Alliance, Debra helped create the original cirriculum for the Teacher Training specialty in Prenatal Yoga.

Debra has been teaching fitness 30+ yrs. and is a specialized expert in the Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga industry, teaching both prenatal & postnatal yoga exercises (asanas) that are both safe and beneficial to women throughout pregnancy, birth & beyond.

Bringing women and couples together to share this amazing time of life through Parenting Classes, Childbirth Education, HypnoBirthing ® Childbirth Courses, Newborn Baby Care, Breast Feeding and more.

Teaching couples through education, together with the experience of attending hundreds of births throughout South Florida as a certified doula, friend & birth companion, Debra is dedicated to helping mothers and couples birth with more calmness, mindfulness, power & patience.

Through HypnoBirthing ® childbirth classes, couple’s are educated and taught to use breathing techniques and ultra deep relaxation to come into a profound place of peace and acceptance of the natural birthing process. Whether choosing epidural anesthesia or not, being able to understand the body, how it works with your baby during labor and letting go of “fear” and the “fear of pain” helps a mother establish a deeper connection during this process and stay “in tune” with her inner wisdom, her faith in the birthing process. Learning to Birth Babies with Calm.

We can re-establish connections in postnatal with baby yoga –  six-eight weeks following birth. Let’s meet babies outside of the belly!

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come into class 10 mins. early, free parking behind the “401” bldg.

Under 16 weeks, please call Debra (305)498-6722.


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