HypnoBirthing® “The Mongan Method”

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Instructor: Debra Geymayr, HBCE, CD, CPD, CPES – specialized in teaching the Hypnobirthing®
course/techniques for over 15 years! “It absolutely works! Trusting in the body’s ability to birth with the understanding and relaxation along with a partner who can support the birth process.” DG
Come in and relax, enjoy learning about how your body & baby work together during  the labor & birth journey. Spouses, birth companions and/or family members are encouraged to join in. Books, Listening tracks and materials are included. $375.00 per couple.  
(5) 2.5 hour sessions.  Classes held in Coral Gables at Prenatal Plus Yoga.  If you are interested in a “hypnobirthing doula” please speak with Debra.  Private instruction available.
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HypnoBirthing® Success StoriesPregnancy is not an Illness, Birth is a “Celebration of Life.”
Birthing with mindfulness and awareness bringing about a calmer, happier experience.
If in need of a private session, please contact Debra directly
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I – Introduction to HypnoBirthing®

Understanding the philosophy- meet Marie Mongan

  • The HypnoBirthing® philosophy
  • Background of HypnoBirthing®
  • HypnoBirthing® films of labor and birth
  • Changing our “language” for pregnancy and labor
  • Exploding the myth of pain in labor – Uterine surges/waves – muscle response
  • How fear affects the length and discomfort of labor
  • How the mind determines the body’s response – class exercises
  • Introduction to principles of hypnosis and self-hypnosis for birthing


Class II- Prenatal Bonding – Preparing Your Mind and Body for Birthing

  • HypnoBirthing® film
  • Prenatal bonding – discussion and exercises
  • Rainbow Relaxation tape and script
  • Breathing for labor: Sleep Breathing, Slow Breathing
  • Visualizations for labor

Class III – Getting ready to welcome your baby

  • HypnoBirthing® film/testimonials
  • Positions and exercises for labor & birth
  • Nutrition for your body and baby
  • Avoiding episiotomy – perineal massage
  • What to do if labor slows or stalls
  • Light touch massage
  • Preparing your birth plan
  • Making hospital, home, or birthing center choices
  • Looking at your estimated due date
  • The natural onset of labor, free of drugs or intervention

Class IV –  Understanding the birthing miracle

  • HypnoBirthing® film/testimonials
  • How your body works with you and for you
  • Settling in your birth place
  • The two phases of labor – opening/thinning and birthing
  • Special circumstances
  • Hallmarks of labor
  • The birthing companion’s integral role in labor – prompt sheet
  • How labor proceeds
  • Releasing limiting emotions and fears
  • Practice Birth Breathing/Birth Breathing
  • Meeting your Baby, bonding & placental birth
  • Get ready for the Fourth Trimester!

Class V – Review, Hypnosis and Question/Answer
 HypnoBirthing® Review – techniques/breathing/deeping / ultra relaxation/question-answerhypnobirthing

A normal birth is best for mothers and babies. Even though there is medical care during labor & birth, it is not a medical event.  Soaring rates of cesareans, inductions, epidural anesthesia, forceps and vacuum deliveries have offered no improvement in birth outcomes. Today with 98% of births experiencing routine medical interventions, we are losing our understanding of what normal birth really is.

HypnoBirthing® provides mothers and fathers to-be a unique method of achieving a more relaxed, natural birth enhanced by self-hypnosis techniques, while learning through the childbirth education classes how to use “the missing link”, that allows women to labor longer at home, using the “natural relaxant” of the body and instincts to bring about a safer, easier, more comfortable birth.  Learn to let go of the fear-tension-pain syndrome with emphasis placed on mother relaxing & meditating during each natural wave of the body, helping baby to descend while tapping into a deeper consciousness, trusting in her bodies ability to labor while saving the energy needed to breathe and birth your baby.

Birth Partners and Fathers are loving advocates and companions not coaches.  Childbirth classes help parents prepare to be calm and confident in birth and newborn care.

The group classes are open discussions and each couple’s questions/concerns are addressed.

Learning the HypnoBirthing® method can greatly reduce the need for chemical anesthesia, allows your birth companion to be an integral part of the birth process, shortens the first stage of labor by several hours, eliminating fatigue. HypnoBirthing® allows mother to let go of the stress of rushing to bring baby into the world in reducing the need for unnecessary “pushing” by breathing baby down to crowning. Babies come into the world awake and alert, postpartum recovery is much easier for Mom therefore allowing birth to be the “Celebration of Life” it is meant to be.

See “Birth Stories” page for some HypnoBirthing® Success Stories


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“Let Your Faith Be Your Strength and Your Love Be Your Guiding Star.” Dan Fogelberg

The HypnoBirthing® Course is a Registered Trademark name. This course can only be taught by certified practitioners. The HypnoBirthing® Institute PO Box 810 Epson, NH 03234

HypnoBirthing® Childbirth Education course: $375.00 – Group / $575.00 – Private

“Learning to Birth our Babies with Calm”