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Childbirth Education Classes

Understanding the difference of venue, provider and choices for you, your partner and your baby!

Pregnancy and Birthing

Realizing your innate awareness for birth – that you don’t have to learn how to have a baby but rather

how to open and allow a deep listening that guides you through the birthing process.

Pre-registration is required for all Parenting and Childbirth Education classes.

All fitness and educational classes are held in Coral Gables.

Learning about the phases of labor, how to be more comfortable with this education and knowledge, changing positions, and breathing techniques that will calmly guide you through the birth process with more peace.

Partner’s learn how to better assist mother in early labor and understand that with the “power” of labor, mom does not need to be rescued, simply supported, loved and empowered.

Understanding your choices of venue, provider and environment for labor and birth.

The education will be provided for all options and venue is a choice that is about safety, team coverage, and a calmer experience. The class will provide honest guidance and information.

Neonatal and Infant Safety CPR is included in the one day class. This may be taken on it’s own.

Cost is $35 per couple for the one hour segment of CPR.  Registration and payment is required 2 weeks prior to class.

Prenatal with Partner

Childbirth Preparation

This is an ongoing class the last Sat. of every month. A one-day childbirth preparation class in a wonderful group setting. Includes Neonatal & Safety Infant CPR.

A childbirth class is recommended for all first-time parents. This improves the process and outcome of the birth journey. It is suggested to take a Childbirth class approximately two months prior to your EDD (estimated due date).

Last Saturday of each month in Coral Gables
1:30 – 5:30 pm

$335.00 per couple

Neonatal and Infant Safety CPR

Neonatal and Infant Safety CPR is a specialty class to teach new parents how to react effectively if your baby stops breathing or is choking. This includes “hands-on” training with Debra and learning the proper steps to potentially sustain a life while rescue is coming. This is not for certification, safety for parents and anyone who will be attending to your child between one day old to one year.

Last Saturday of each month in Coral Gables
3:00 – 4:00 pm

$35.00 per couple

Sign up for Childbirth Education Classes

Step 1: Fill out the reservation form

Step 2: Pay Registration Fee

Prenatal with partner

$335.00 per couple

Neonatal and Infant Safety CPR

$35 per couple


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