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Debra Geymayr

Postpartum Newborn Home Help is here for you!

All You Need To Know About Postpartum Newborn Care Services Birthing a child is one of the most exciting events in a woman’s life, but that also comes with a lot of stress and responsibility. Well, if you are going through this stage, you must know that this is a...

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Waterbirth – helping mothers have better births!

Learn How Safe Waterbirth Can Help Mothers Have a Natural Childbirth Many pregnant women who desire natural childbirth consider safe waterbirth to welcome their baby to the world. In a water birth, women experience labor and delivery of the baby in a tub of warm...

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Our Grand Opening was a Fabulous Success!!!

On Saturday, June 13th, 2015 we “birthed” Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center.  Our guests, families, and birth workers came from near and far to celebrate the newest Birth Center in Florida with a waterbirth option, hospital logistical safety and more. We...

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Prenatal Yoga Benefits

So, you have experienced the joy of finding out that you are pregnant and now you feel, different, in a surreal sort of way. You are likely thinking about your pregnancy all throughout your day. It may be a secret that you blissfully carry, or perhaps you feel too ill...

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5 Great Uses for Coconut Oil for your Baby

[one_whole] [/one_whole] Coconut Oil – Five Great Uses For Coconut Oil For Your Baby Your newborn baby is probably the most precious thing in the whole world to you (or one of, if you have more kids). You worry about everything – hot drinks, stray dogs, sunburn, you...

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My Baby is Breech, now what?

During weeks 30-34 of pregnancy, we usually have an idea of how our baby is positioned. IF you find out your baby is sitting in your pelvis, your baby is what we call  "breech."  You can start hypnosis, specialty yoga positions (with a pregnancy expert), you can seek...

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Create Self Healing and Blessings for Yourself

"Love doesn’t rule you. What rules you is fear, phe­nomenal fear. Through this kriya, love can be invoked and fear can be reduced."    -Yogi Bhajan Part 1 Here you are mentally and hypnoti­cally blessing yourself. This self-blessing is to affect and correct the...

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Induction at 41 weeks – ! What’s it all about

There are all kinds of problems associated with providing care based on risk rather than on individual women. However, risk along with ‘due dates’ is here to stay, and women often want to know about risks. Risk is a very personal concept and different women will...

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Dreams really do come True!!! As a prenatal yoga teacher and labor doula, there has been overwhelming interest in having a Birth Center in the South.  It became clear to me that women wanted  this safe alternative to hospital birthing. So, together with the effort of...

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