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Our staff of midwives and nurses are experienced-trained professionals, providing  medically safe, personal and sound care with a holistic approach. 

HSPBC midwives offer prenatal care, attend births and continue to follow our mothers throughout the early postpartum period.

As HSPBC moves into it’s sixth year!, we have many mothers & families coming back to birth a second and even third time! Making us proud and grateful!

We are the “Celebrity” and “International Birth Center of Choice.” Our patients and their privacy is always kept confidential. 

Please watch the video on the Home page for a virtual tour of HSPBC.

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We are the first & only South Florida Birth Center located directly across from a hospital for safety.

This is important for mothers who still want to have a vaginal birth.   We at HSPBC have over 90% success rate for normal, natural vaginal birth, using none or minimal medical interventions.

Your birth center birth will be attended by a midwife, a registered nurse and a doula(when applicable).

Our medical director is always on call in case we need medical help, and has an extremely low c-section rate of his own. Providing our patients medical advice and assistance when needed and advocating for normal, natural birth first. If transferred, our moms still have the compassion needed for vaginal hospital birth.

Call for a complimentary meet & greet today!  (305) 238-7873.

Yes, we take most all insurance plans and are happy to discuss the packages and discounts we offer.

Ronald Sancetta, M.D., FACOG


Dr. Sancetta is Medical Director and Co-Founder of Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center. A Board Certified OB/GYN, trained in Washington DC and Springfield Massachusetts, Dr. Sancetta has been in solo practice since 1989. This is a father to (5) boys, a flourishing practice and thousands of moms who say “he’s the best!” With his patience & holistic approach to women, labor & birth Dr. Sancetta is truly one of a kind!
Dr. Sancetta is available for all of our Birth Center clients and will meet with each for consultation. He will discuss and provide hospital delivery when needed or desired.  Dr. Sancetta provides holistic gynecology and infertility services. He has the compassion and patience for successful VBAC’s (vaginal births after cesareans) for second and third time mothers. Doctor also offers different medically necessary women’s wellness procedures and/or cosmetic. We are proud to have Dr. Sancetta as our Medical Director. He is truly dedicated to the success of HSPBC and the well being of women & families.

Waterbirth Certified






Directress of Prenatal Plus – Yoga, Inc.® based in Coral Gables for 15 years.
Proud Founder & Directress of Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center, LLC
My Philosophy – “It is not what we birth, but How we birth.
” Peace, Love & Calm!
Debra is Directress of Operations and Education at HSPBC.  Certified childbirth educator, prenatal yoga teacher/trainer and hypnobirthing practitioner.  Teaching classes in prenatal-postnatal yoga, birth center childbirth preparation, newborn baby care and breast feeding.  The education & knowlege from these classes will make a world of difference in your birth experience! Debra has been birthing with women for 15+ years as a labor doula and is a placenta encapsulation specialist.  First time parents will learn from Debra how to have a more peaceful, calm birth experience. “My personal journey through pregnancy, labor & birth has lead me to believe that by embracing, educating and preparing ourselves for childbirth, physically, emotionally & spiritually, we can more mindfully choose how and where we birth our children, without fear. I feel very blessed and honored to share such an amazing time of life with wonderful women, couples and babies and even more blessed to have this Dream – Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center be born!”
Debra celebrates motherhood everyday with her daughter Jessica Jeanne

Waterbirth Certified




Office Manager

Our office manager  is amazing and always ready to help you with anything you need. Please feel free to call the office, set up a free meet and greet to tour the Center and discuss packages.

Don’t forget to check out our “Birth Center Video” on the homepage.

We are here to answer questions about insurance, our center and more.
We look forward to you joining our HSPBC family!

Acupuncture for well being and labor initiation 

Practicing for  years and knowing the points to help Initiate labor and just Relax mom is the goal. Providing relief of many common discomforts of pregnancy. Helping after 37 weeks with “natural initiation” for our birth center mothers. All good! Please feel free to contact the center for more information.  Special discount rate offered to HSPBC parents.

Homeopathic care 

Homeopathy is an ancient medicine that is safe, gentle and powerful to use during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. It works with your body to relieve discomforts and improve overall health and that of the baby. Homeopathy can be used to help relieve symptoms like migraines, morning sickness, back pain, postpartum depression and more. Please feel free to contact the center for more information. Special discount rate offered to HSPBC parents.

Nutritional Guidance with Shaina,  MPH, RDN, LDN 

Shaina has been involved in the nutrition world since 2011. She has her Master’s in Public Health Nutrition and Dietetics from Loma Linda University (one of the Blue Zones where people live the longest). Shaina is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist working as a member of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics,  using evidenced-based information to help educate clients and motivate them to reach their healthy living goals. Please feel free to contact the center for more information. Special discount rate for HSPBC parents.








Lactation Support with HSPBC staff

Breast feeding support group is free monthly and private consults available with reservation. We will help guide mothers to breast feed successfully right from the start.  HSPBC offers a package that will include two breastfeeding consults post birth to help your baby latch correctly and continue getting the best nutrition ever!  Please ask about this advantage. Insurance billing is being evaluated now. Please feel free to contact the center for more information.
At HSPBC, we feel such gratitude to have our wonderful team of holistic birthworkers  come together
to care for our mothers throughout pregnancy, the birth process and postpartum time.
All of us at HSPBC are here to help our mothers, babies and families stay happy & healthy.
After all, birth is a “Celebration of Life”.

Holistic South is offering Specialized Services with discount pricing for: 

Acupuncture– throughout pregnancy, natural initiation and general wellness.
working together with Prenatal Plus Yoga for over 15 years, we have documented evidence of natural initiation, rotating a breech presentation and more wonderful benefits of this holistic practice.

Breast feeding successfully- Two consults with support.   Free monthly support group held at the birth center with reservation. (Check on COVID protocols)

Massage– throughout pregnancy, natural initiation and general wellness. Full term “initiation massage.” Enjoy massages thoughout Pregnancy & Postpartum.

Homeopathic Care– All ages, for all aliments – Jennifer has been a homeopathic dhom for over 18 years. She is the best and safest, we are proud to have her as part of our team.

Nutritional Consults- Gestational diabetes or just healthy eating can be addressed with our nutritional consultant. Call today for an appointment.

Birth Photography- Provided for you from beginning to end.  Please call Birth Center for more details and reservation options.

Placenta Encapsulation –  Reserve your EDD and find out more of the benefits of encapsulating your placenta. 

Please call Debra at 305-498-6722 to reserve any of these services. You do not need to be a HSPBC client to utilize these services. Reservations required.