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At Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center, in Miami, Fl, we offer midwifery model care with a holistic approach that women, labor & birth deserve.  We are the “first & original” Holistic Pregnancy & Birth Center to offer true natural birth options.  Our Gravity Birth™ (trademarked to HSPBC) is another option to help relax lower extremity muscles and help the baby move down.  Nitrous Oxide is an option but rarely needed with the support and care mothers receive at the Center.

No interventions and no fear.  Our staff understands Holistic care and birth, allowing mothers to do their work with power, strength, courage and love.  Moving, eating, drinking, free from any monitors, doppler is used to check the baby throughout the process.  Aromatherapy, music, positions and massage is how our doulas provide love and care during the birth process. Early labor support is available if you are not ready to be admitted. Birth takes time and HSPBC gives you the time mother and baby need to meet up together!

We encourage our couples to enjoy the process of bringing a baby into the World! With professional guidance and monitoring along the way, a healthy, happy mother, baby and partner is the outcome.  We are an exclusive Center that offers confidentiality for all of our parents with professional care along the way.

Our midwives focus on sensitive, safe, supportive care that will create a personal-individual relationship with each mother & family.  They will help guide you through a healthy, happy pregnancy.

Our midwives, nurses and other professional birth workers view birth as normal & natural, not a medical event. HSPBC provides services in prenatal care, labor & birth as well as postpartum & newborn baby care, into women’s wellness. Throughout a woman’s lifetime.

Welcome to the only South Florida Pregnancy & Birth Center located in Miami, Fl, directly across from a hospital in case medical emergency care is necessary.

Even if not needed, knowing it is a 2 minute walk is reassuring. IF needed, it is not a car ride…


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Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center

If you have any questions or would like more information about our services, please contact us for a free meet & greet.