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Gravity Birth™

Using gravity to help relax and bring baby down & out.


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Holistic Birthing
with available medical support


Birth The Way
Nature Intended

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Covid has created a new awareness to birthing outside of the hospital setting.  At Holistic South you will receive

complete pregnancy care, waterbirth option, in a calm peaceful environment with midwives,

birth workers, nurses and doulas. We provide postpartum and women’s wellness care. Full scope care for you and your baby.

Professional and compassionate care throughout pregnancy, birth & beyond…

Moving into our seventh year of practice, we are proud to offer women and families this option for a healthy, safe place to birth!

Trusting a mother’s instinctual wisdom to birth, at HSPBC, we provide childbirth education classes,

Hypnobirthing courses to learn how your baby & body work together during the birth process,

techniques for birthing without drugs, using water for birth, immediate skin to skin connection, leaving cord intact,

freedom of movement, snacking, breast feeding support and more.

In case of medical necessity, knowing HSPBC is South Florida’s First and Only Birth Center located

directly across from a hospital for safety.

You do not get in your car for even a 5-10 minute ride or

wait for 911, as we are a “2” minute walk across the street with our medical director available 24/7 to assist.

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Holistic South Pregnancy &

Birth Center

Welcome to Holistic South, come and take a peek inside:

For class information, please contact Debra at 305-498-6722 with any questions you may have

Classes and Prenatal Yoga are in person!

Click below to register:

Prenatal with Partner – One day condensed childbirth class – including

infant safety CPR

Breast feeding and Newborn Baby Care Parenting class

Hypnobirthing Childbirth Education 

See regular schedule here.

Prenatal Plus Yoga in beautiful Coral Gables is OPEN & IN PERSON

    • TUESDAYS: 6:45 PM 
    • THURSDAYS: 12 Noon- Postnatal w/baby Yoga & Fitness-  (in person w/reservation)  
    • THURSDAYS: 6:45PM
    • SATURDAYS: 10:30AM
    • your class card may be used!
    • New students register HERE
Water Births
Experience a calmer, more peaceful birth without pressure, intervention or stress.  “Waterdural” as we call it truly helps ease the pressure and tightness of the hips and lower back therefore assisting labor to progress with a mother’s intuition. Women have been birthing for thousands of years. We trust this process with professional guidance, patience, compassion and love.
Some Benefits for Mother
Warm water is soothing, comforting, relaxing. Parents are not stressed or worried about their surroundings.
In the later stages of labor, the water has been shown to increase the woman’s energy.
The effect of buoyancy lessens a mother’s body weight, allowing free movement and new positioning. Buoyancy promotes more efficient uterine contractions and improved blood circulation resulting in better oxygenation of the uterine muscles, less discomfort for the mother, and more oxygen for the baby. Immersion in water often helps lower high blood pressure caused by anxiety. Since the water provides a greater sense of privacy, it can reduce inhibitions, anxiety, and fears.
For Baby the water provides an environment similar to the amniotic sac.  Eases the stress of the birth transition thus increasing reassurance and sense of security. Entering the World with calm and tenderness.

Every birthworker at HSPBC is “waterbirth” certified. Even our medical director.

VBAC in the hosptial- Our wonderful Medical Director has been helping women with Successful VBAC’s for years! If cleared, you can see the midwives throughout pregnancy, and birth across the street with our Doctor who is patient and cares!
Medical Care Is Minutes Away
HSPBC is the ONLY South Florida Birth Center which is located directly across the street from a hospital, Jackson South hospital for safety. Our birth center is under the direction of our Board Certified OB/GYN of 35 years.
Most families have some concerns about the “what if’s” so we have taken the safety measure out and still have the beautiful space for mothers to labor with love and tranquility. Our hospital is friendly to our mothers, and with our birth friendly physician that “continuity of care” is very important when necessary. Our medical director is always available for medical assistance at HSPBC and/or the hospital.  This is so important just in case mom or baby needs assistance. A car ride is not okay, we have 911 behind us so our continuity of care is there for you!
Guided By Midwives
Total holistic care including women’s wellness for life, prenatal, labor/birthing and postpartum family support. We have resources and discount rates for acupuncture, massage, nutritional support, chiropractic care, & offer breastfeeding support right from the start!
Midwives who work with HSPBC are trained in Holistic care! They guide rather than direct and allow for mothers to experience their own feelings throughout the birth process. Mothers do not need to “learn how to birth” as it is instinctual.  Your birth workers are attending, assiting and monitoring with close mother-baby observation together with suggestions if and when needed.

We do Compassion, We do Patience, We do Love!

At Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center our families choose a safe out of hospital-natural birth experience. Come in and enjoy a peaceful pregnancy and loving birth.

Women have been birthing for thousands of years! Trust birth, we do.

Prenatal Yoga Classes
Move your body safely to build strength and flexibility to support your plans for a natural childbirth. Debra has been teaching fitness for over 20+ years. Prenatal Yoga Miami is a specialty center that truly helps prepare the body, mind and spirit for the journey from womanhood into motherhood. All childbirth and yoga classes are held in Coral Gables.
Specialty prenatal and postnatal with baby yoga classes,  childbirth education classes, Hypnobirthing, Breast feeding with confidence and Newborn baby care.
Educating yourself, relaxing and understanding your body throughout pregnancy, birth and beyond.
Holistic Childbirth  & Parenting Education
Register for our classes, workshops or book a private session to learn how to safely prepare mentally and physically for this miraculous event. .
Education and knowledge will help parents prepare for the Birthday Party and Beyond… Safety Infant CPR is included in our Partner Childbirth Preparation Class offered once a month.
Debra has been teaching this Childbirth Course for over 17 years, and will help couples relax and enjoy learning about how your body & baby work together during labor & birth.  Birthing with mindfulness and calm. After all, women have been birthing for thousands of years! There are specific techniques and tools that help guide mother and father through the birth process. No need to rush, baby is on the way!
Care & Services

Rachel, Jona and baby Satya

Colleen Jones first Hug

We Love our Babies!

Care & Services

Congratulations! Baby Liam has arrived!

hssuzy birth

Gravity Birth™


Breastfeeding with Confidence

Water Baby Birth


Care & Services

Childbirth Education & Infant CPR

baby birth

♥ Labor of Love ♥

Valentina, born on Valentine’s Day

Water Baby Birth

Kathryn & Andre proud parents of Avery

Baby Finley with Happy Mom & Dad

Trisha & William with baby Finley

Care & Services

Adam & Eve with baby John

We had the most incredible team of powerful women from Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center help us hold space for satya's arrival. We are so grateful for each of you and the beautiful center you have created for such a sacred experience. Ultimate surrender and trust in the universe and my body, Jona, the love of my life, supported me as if he had delivered 100 babies before! The word blessed does not even come close to what I feel...

Rachel N.A true labor of love

Thank you all for a truly inspirational childbirth workshop! What a beautiful circle of authentic, joyful and wise women.Thanks so much for your enthusiasm and spontaneity. You are all so primal and powerful, and I am honored to be in your circle! A special thanks to you Debra for hosting us at Prenatal Plus Yoga.

GinaPrenatal Yoga & Connection

Baby Belly Tunes helps me connect with my baby by playing music together, alleviates lower back strain, pelvic heaviness and relaxes both me and my baby!

SD – 1st time expecting MomUsing Baby Belly Tunes Pregnancy Support Wrap with Music!

I had an incredible labor that only lasted 3 hours total with little pain and no medication at all. Thanks to you and your yoga classes and teachings, I was totally prepared and highly recommend you to all pregnant ladies. Thank you. Be back for Postnatal with baby Yoga.

FrancesPreparation for Labor

An incredible and supportive place for prenatal and birth care. I was surrounded at all times with love and was encouraged to follow what I wanted out of my birth. Instead of being a scary experience as most describe it, it was enlightening, empowering and made me feel proud of what I and my body could accomplish. Thank you to Debra, and beautiful birthworkers, for an incredible birth experience. Gianluca was brought into this world so beautifully thanks to your love and support.

Karina C.

If you're looking for positive and supportive prenatal care and birthing experience, Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center is the absolute best option.
During prenatal appointments, I never felt rushed and as a first-time mom always felt comfortable asking questions and for guidance. The midwives and nurses were absolutely wonderful, always sharing their abundance of knowledge and making me feel cared for.
My birth experience was beyond what I ever expected. My midwife was an absolute blessing, and birth team were so incredibly supportive and calm throughout. I never felt rushed, stressed, or that I had to be on the defensive to advocate for myself and my desires. The staff always made me feel so comfortable and empowered.
I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience and truly recommend the center to anyone looking for a natural birth with care under the most incredible individuals.

Stephanie DLPaz

I cannot say enough good things about my first visit to your Center. This being my first pregnancy I was worried and nervous about finding the right care but as soon as I walked through the door you calmed my nerves and made the experience an easy one. Thank you HSPBC!


The service that you recieve at HSPBC is perhaps the most necessary one for human kind. The education, support and love provided by the entire team was top notch! The facility is clean, the office staff is efficient, and our birth experience was exhilerating yet controlled. Debra's ability to guide the process from day one to the birth day is flawless. We have to give a special thank you to our gifted midwives, we are forever grateful. Thanks to everyone at HSPBC so much for every interaction. This was the best way for us to birth our "love" into the world and we fell that any family would have as positive of an experience as we did!

Amanda, Greg & baby Sofia

"Our birth experience was a dream come true! It was everything we imagined it would be and more. The staff at Holistic South treated us like family throughout the entire pregnancy. Our birth plan was successful. Everyone was very understanding and attentive to our needs. We both felt that birthing our baby boy at Holistic South was the safest option for our family and greatest decision we could have made. We will definitely be back for our second child and wouldn't change a thing. So much gratitude goes out to the whole staff at HSPBC!

Mama Alex

To the entire practice of Holistic South, I can't thank you enough for the amazing experience we had bringing our baby girl into the world with your help! You made us feel like family and with your love support and expertise, I had a beautiful waterbirth! The guidance and three years ago bringing our first into the world in a natural way. The prenatal classes, hypnobirthing, gave me confidence and the knowledge I needed. Thanks to everyone at Holistic South!

Mama Chelsey M.
Prenatal Care
We offer education and care to support your healthy pregnancy & birth, including prenatal yoga, childbirth and parenting education classes, referrals for prenatal massage, holistic acupuncture and chiropractic care and more.  We’ll support your birth plan and preparation for the most important experience of your life.  We offer the services of a Board Certified OB/GYN, when needed.
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Labor Doula Care
A Doula provides mothers and fathers-to-be with support through labor, birth and early postpartum to achieve a more relaxed, natural birth.  Doula care is available for all of our parents. We also offer holistic acupuncture and chiropractic care that are specialized in natural initiation for labor.
Learning Hypnobirthing is a deep relaxed state during labor, and when mother is relaxed, baby is relaxed. Couples who have returned for baby two and three have used these techniques again.
Placenta encapsulation & placenta tincture preparation services are also available, please speak with office manager to reserve.
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Postpartum Care
Our support continues after your baby is born during the most challenging early weeks for new parents.  We offer help with newborn baby care, breast feeding support, nutritional planning and getting more sleep!  Referrals for cranio-sacral post birth adjustments for baby and join our free breast feeding support group. All information is included in your Welcome packet once registered at HSPBC.
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Trust In Your Body
Women have been birthing for thousands of years!
Our body blossoms during pregnancy, we birth our children and breastfeed for immune strength and bonding, The fact is 95% of women can birth without complications or interventions.  With the right understanding, trust and faith in the birth process women can enjoy a stress-free, tranquil birth journey using relaxation techniques, light nutrition and lots of love for a natural childbirth is an empowering, transcending experience.

Holistic Parenting Education
From birth preparation to support for natural parenting, our programs focus on providing parents with the knowledge to create a natural and safe plan for birthing and newborn baby care.  With knowledge comes the power to make the best decisions for your family. Breast feeding is highly recommended for the first six months of life or longer.
Services for placenta encapsulation and postpartum doula care is available.

New Parent Support – What do we do now?
While prospective parents understand logically that their lives will change, the impact of a new baby is often underestimated.  Support during the early days and weeks following birth is the best gift for new parents you know or for yourselves.
Classes for newborn baby care and breast feeding with confidence is the first Saturday of every month at Prenatal Plus Yoga, Coral Gables.
Postpartum Doula care is available and there are flexible hours to meet the needs of each individual family. Please contact Debra for more information

Our Experienced Team of Birthworkers
Midwifery care, Holistic Practitioners, Educators and Integrative Medical staff we are South Florida’s safest, family-friendly birth center.  Birth your baby in a loving, cozy, home-like environment, that exceeds the latest standards of care. Pregancy, birth and beyond with
Knowing that if needed, a hospital transfer is a two minute walk, (or wheelchair ride)  across the street, not a car ride, if and when needed. This is a very important safety measure for family tranquility and safety. Our medical director of 35 years is there to assist and has the lowest c-section rate around!  Trust that location and continuity of care is there for you.

See some of the happy families who have given birth with us! View Gallery