HSPBC is proud to be a member of 

Our CNM’s are able to “continue your care” if transferred  across the street to the hospital (the only South Florida Birth Center located directly across from a hospital for safety)  and this is important for mothers who have connected with their midwife.  We at HSPBC have an over 90% successful normal, natural vaginal birth rate, without interventions. Call for a meet & greet!

Pauline Theobalds, CNM, ARNP – Certified Nurse Midwife

Pauline studied in England and has been a registered nurse since 1984. Certifying as a nurse midwife in 1997 and practicing her midwifery ever since.  Caring for women and babies while having the nursing skills to know how to handle any situation.
Pauline will be mentoring our student midwives and holding community clinics.
We are proud to have such a happy midwife who respects & appreciates women and birth!

Waterbirth Certified



Mary Allen, CNM, ARNP – Certified Nurse Midwife



Mary Allen is a certified nurse midwife with over 3000 births behind her! She has always seen birth as natural and promotes a non interventive model of care. While working in labor and delivery she decided to move into midwifery and graduated Midwifery school in 1993.  She practiced as a head midwife for over 10 years.
We are very happy & excited to have Mary Allen working with our mothers and attending families with patience and holistic care.

Waterbirth Certified


Ronald Sancetta, M.D., FACOG


Dr. Sancetta is Medical Director and Co-Founder of Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center. A Board Certified OB/GYN, trained in Washington DC and Springfield Massachusetts, Dr. Sancetta has been in solo practice since 1989. This is a father to (5) boys, a flourishing practice and thousands of moms who say “he’s the best!” With his patience & holistic approach to women, labor & birth Dr. Sancetta is truly one of a kind!
Dr. Sancetta is available for all of our Birth Center clients and will meet with each for consultation. He will discuss and provide hospital delivery when needed or desired.  Dr. Sancetta provides holistic gynecology and infertility services. He has the compassion and patience for successful VBAC’s (vaginal births after cesareans) for second and third time mothers. Doctor also offers different medically necessary women’s wellness procedures and/or cosmetic. We are proud to have Dr. Sancetta as our Medical Director. He is truly dedicated to the success of HSPBC and the well being of women & families.

Waterbirth Certified


Directress of Prenatal Plus – Yoga, Inc.® based in Coral Gables for 15 years.
Proud Founder & Directress of Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center, LLC
bcphotodebMy Philosophy – “It is not what we birth, but How we birth.
” Peace, Love & Calm!
Debra is Directress of Operations and Education at HSPBC.  Certified childbirth educator, prenatal yoga teacher/trainer and hypnobirthing practitioner.  Teaching classes in prenatal-postnatal yoga, birth center childbirth preparation, newborn baby care and breast feeding.  The education & knowlege from these classes will make a world of difference in your birth experience! Debra has been birthing with women for 15+ years as a labor doula and is a placenta encapsulation specialist.  First time parents will learn from Debra how to have a more peaceful, calm birth experience. “My personal journey through pregnancy, labor & birth has lead me to believe that by embracing, educating and preparing ourselves for childbirth, physically, emotionally & spiritually, we can more mindfully choose how and where we birth our children, without fear. I feel very blessed and honored to share such an amazing time of life with wonderful women, couples and babies and even more blessed to have this Dream – Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center be born!”
Debra celebrates motherhood everyday with her daughter Jessica Jeanne.

Waterbirth Certified

 Ali Crane, RN, BSN, NRP

Ali was born in New England and came to Miami at the age of 6. Attending college in Tallahassee and Orlando, where she received her BSN. Also, while at Special Beginnings Birth and Gynecology Center, in Orlando, FL,  Ali worked as a birthing attendant assisting the Midwife in the care of both mother and infant before, during and after delivery in the home-like setting.  Ali has more than 12 years experience working as a Labor & Delivery/Postpartum Nurse.Ali has worked with both midwives and physicians. Giving birth to her two children, both naturally and with midwives. “It was the most amazing, empowering experience I have ever been through. My husband and I took a Hypnobirthing class and I swear by its powers. I also exclusively breast-fed both my children for an extended time and love helping and encouraging other moms to do so.” “I am really excited for the opportunity to help grow with Holistic South. I know a Birth Center like this is so very needed and wanted in our area and South Florida.  I am thankful to be part of the HSPBC family and excited to help mothers birth as they want.”  We are so very happy to have Ali as part of Holistic South’s Family of Professionals to help care for our special parents & families.

Waterbirth Certified

Milenia Villavicencio, OFFICE MANAGER

Milenia Bio Pic
Milenia is an aspiring doula and studying to possibly be a future midwife. She is a nurturer and believes working with women’s wellness is her calling.  Being with her best friend at a hospital birth, she saw the typical interventions that ultimately led her friend to a cesarean operation. “Women should not have to fight for their labor choices and should be able to birth naturally without unnecessary medical intervention.”  “I am very excited to learn and grow with HSPBC. It is a privilege to be part of such an amazing team of experts that share the same passion for women’s wellness as I do.”
Milenia is the eldest of 10 children, all of which her mother delivered naturally. “One of my greatest desires in life is to become a mom.”
photo: Helping a friend by feeding breast milk to baby while mom showers!



Jodi Miranda, Lactation Consultant

Jodi comes to us with more than six years lactation experience. As a Certified Lactation Educator, CLC and an IBCLC candidate, she provides families with the education and tools needed to reach their breastfeeding goals. In addition to a comprehensive prenatal breastfeeding class, she offers in-home consultations as well as group support. Originally from Central Florida, Jodi resides in Coral Gables with her husband, two children and four dogs. Doula Debra was honored to share both “birth” experiences with Jodi and we at HSPBC are very happy to have her join our family and help our mothers breastfeed successfully right from the start.
Moms and babies from birth to 3 months of age are welcome to join Jodi, on the 4th Tuesday of each month, for breastfeeding support at HSPBC.

Alison Ferrera, LMT, Licensed Massage Therapist

Alison Ferrera, LMT (MA49717) is a Healing Facilitator dedicated to mothers and families stepping into new roles and lifestyles. She has been serving the home birth community in Miami since 2007.  With a background in releasing trauma from the body, Alison’s sessions focus on balancing the body energetically as well as physically.  Each session is tailored to the mother’s needs and allows the opportunity for everyone to find the truths hidden in their body, waiting to be acknowledged.  Alison’s birthwork is centered on holding space for women to find the answers to their deeper questions as well as provide a healing space to relax and open.  At Holistic South Pregnancy & Birth Center, Alison will provide Prenatal Massage, Natural Initiation Massage, Postpartum Massage and Energy Balancing, and Craniosacral Therapy.
At HSPBC, we feel it is a blessing to have such a wonderful group of holistic birthworkers  like Alison to help our mothers relax and enjoy this amazing time of life.



Natalia Picardi, Certified Nutritional Consultant

Natalia Picardi, is a certified Nutritional Health Coach by Integrative Nutrition
Institute in NY. She is also a Chef by Instituto Argentino de Gastronomía
(IAG) from Buenos Aires and she has an important job as a “MOM” of two
little boys. Natalia has been doing “healthy cooking workshops” for moms
and children, developing a deep love for homemade cooking using healthy
With a holistic approach to helping people change to a healthier lifestyle
Natalia is a wonderful addition to our HSPBC family. Helping adjust diets with gestational diabetes issues and general healthy eating.




Holistic South is offering Specialized Services with discount pricing for:


Acupuncture– throughout pregnancy, natural initiation and general wellness.
working together with Prenatal Plus Yoga for over 11 years, we have documented evidence of natural initiation, rotating a breech presentation and more wonderful benefits of this holistic practice.

Massage– throughout pregnancy, natural initiation and general wellness. Prenatal & Postpartum.

Homeopathic Care– All ages, for all aliments – Jennifer has been a homeopathic dhom for over 15 years. She is the best and safest, we are proud to have her as part of our team.

Nutritional Consults- Gestational diabetes or just healthy eating can be addressed with our nutritional consultant. Call today for an appointment.

Birth Photography- Provided for you from beginning to end.  Please call Birth Center for more details and reservation options.

Placenta Encapsulation –  Reserve your EDD and find out more of the benefits of encapsulating your placenta. 

Please call 305-238-7873 to reserve any of these services. You do not need to be a HSPBC client to utilize these services. Reservations required.